Operators have applied virtualization technology to most common network and data center functions such as routing, content storage and distribution — and have reaped the benefits too, realizing CapEx savings, operational efficiencies in managing the networks, and time-to-market advantages with new service rollout. However, in the last mile, operators’ service agility is impacted by the inability to quickly bring new or upgraded experiences to millions of subscribers. Factors below impact operators, owing to the deployed devices such as the set-top boxes in subscribers’ homes:

Device Proliferation / Limitations

  • Dozens of STB models are deployed - most can’t run a browser
  • Multi-platform development, testing and upgrade is expensive
  • Graphics & memory lacking for latest UI/UX

Fragmented Online Content and Apps

  • Innumerable media formats used to online content
  • Different DRM systems used by online content providers
  • Onboarding apps with different APIs, plugin or containers

Inconsistent UI/UX

  • Differences in experience cause customer confusion,increased call center support and complexity

Operators need a way to deliver the new and refreshed experiences regardless of device capabilities.

ActiveVideo has led the way by applying virtualization technology to set-top box functions — whether it is refreshing linear TV programming guides, Video-On-Demand (VOD) storefronts or integrating Over-the-top (OTT) content, virtualization can be used to deliver cloud powered experiences.

ActiveVideo® CloudTV is the core software technology platform virtualizes device functions by removing the UI/UX dependency from the device and delivers the experiences from the cloud. Modern electronic programming guides (EPG) for linear TV, VOD storefronts and OTT content interfaces can be coded as an HTML5 web application. The platform executes the HTML5 application in the cloud, and uses an hybrid approach to rendering the experience as a video or graphics stream to the device. The result is a single branded user experience, rapidly and optimally delivered from the cloud, through any network and to any device.

Thanks to cloud and network technology evolution, the CloudTV platform is based on an architecture that scales to any size and type of footprint. Several core technology innovations and optimizations developed by ActiveVideo over the years ensure performance and scale for the operator:

MPEG Stitching

Key breakthrough for scalable rendering

Smart Multiplexing

Reduces need for video bandwidth by up to 10X

Dual-Path Rendering

Lowers bandwidth for overlays by up to 50%

Nano SDK

APIs to setup and control cloud sessions across device families

Devices can’t be replaced overnight, but user experiences can be replaced overnight, with the ActiveVideo CloudTV platform! And, that too for all subscribers in the footprint. When an operator includes virtualization of device functions and cloud powered experiences as part of their strategic vision,  they can realize several key benefits:

Service Agility
  • Fast Time-to-market
  • Growth & ARPU increase from new and/or enhanced services (e.g., VOD)
  • Reduced subscriber churn
  • Low TCO platform to fit operator environment & budget
  • Deliver millions of UI & app sessions
  • Reuse existing servers when possible
  • Round trip latency that’s not perceivable by human eye
  • Low bandwidth usage for UI/UX transfers
  • Flexibly meet demand spikes (e.g., SuperBowl event)
Device Reach
  • Abstraction from device limitations
  • Develop & deploy at web speed
  • Overnight UI/UX update/upgrades

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