Liberty Puerto Rico

“Cloud based technology allowed us to control, modify and deliver user interface experiences similar to what the web based companies do — and even better.”

- Assaf Kaminer, Liberty Puerto Rico

Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico responded to an expressed customer need – the inability to find programming of interest, even in a 100+ channel lineup – by innovating a cloud-based guide that brings real-time social viewing trends and multi-tile navigation to existing set-top boxes.

To help subscribers discover content beyond a few favorite channels, Liberty Puerto Rico turned to virtualization of set-top box functionality to break through the limitations of its existing STBs. Liberty Puerto Rico used the CloudTV™ GuideCast platform from ActiveVideo to create an interface that displays -- on a single screen -- the eight most-viewed channels at that moment in the system, or within specific genres or individual viewers’ favorites.

Liberty’s “Social Content Navigator” combines two innovations: Use of the cloud to merge continuous viewing data (collected every 10 minutes), content metadata and real-time content into a single video stream; as well as the ability to support multiple tiles of live viewing on a single-tuner STB.

Brought to market in approximately one year, Social Content Navigator was quickly scaled to approximately 170,000 STBs. The innovation has enabled Liberty Puerto Rico to rapidly increase perceived subscriber value by dramatically enhancing search and discovery -- without the cost, time-to-market or customer inconvenience of replacing existing equipment.



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