Glashart Media (KPN)

“The same set-top boxes that we started with in 2006 are today running CloudTV user interfaces. That is a huge improvement over having to replace the set-top boxes and rewrite all of the applications. ”

- Niels Jonkman, Glashart Media

Glashart Media, part of KPN, sought to expand its early use of cloud-based user experiences beyond the capabilities of its original platform -- without stranding its original investment in customer premises devices and without interrupting customer services

Glashart Media recognized that the ability to create any application one time in HTML5 and deliver it from the cloud to existing, thin-client IPTV STBs would dramatically increase the pool of available content developers, while eliminating the cost, time to market and inconvenience of installing new customer equipment.

Working with ActiveVideo, Glashart Media installed the CloudTV™ GuideCast platform in parallel with its original system, and upgraded the original STB client to support both systems during the transition. CloudTV GuideCast virtualizes STB functionality, so that HTML5 content can be rendered on a browser in the cloud and delivered to any pay-TV STB.

The migration to CloudTV GuideCast enabled Glashart Media to significantly expand services to include multiple on-demand portals, a navigation mosaic and other TV applications. This new content helped Glashart Media achieve high levels of growth throughout the platform transition. 




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