Introducing AppCloud

A completely new way for Operators to deliver OTT content apps to television

Times are changing! Huge subscriber demand has fuelled the growth of OTT content apps for TV, and operators are facing some real challenges:

  • Much of their installed-base of set-tops cannot meet the demands on processing and memory that OTT apps require
  • Supporting just a single OTT app across multiple hardware and operating systems adds time, complexity and cost to the development cycle with cumbersome updates, and an inconsistent user experience across platforms
  • Most operator-tier app ecosystems provide a holistic solution at the expense of decreased control over app selection, user experience, and account ownership

Operators need more streamlined and easily-managed video app platforms - not more and more complexity and cost. As a result, ActiveVideo created AppCloud; a revolutionary cloud-based solution that operates OTT content apps from a virtualized Android platform in the public cloud. AppCloud outperforms even the most powerful set-top based approach and delivers a consistent and powerful full app experience for subscribers.

Download our brochure, and you will discover everything AppCloud can offer you and your business including:

  • How AppCloud can free operators from memory and CPU constraints of set-top devices to deliver an android App ecosystem to all subscribers
  • A direct comparison of using major OTT apps through AppCloud vs a leading CPE solution
  • How and why operators must take control of their data and not cede it to third parties


Introducing AppCloud

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