Introducing AppCloud

Reach more screens and enhance the consistency and performance of your app’s user experience with AppCloud

Times are changing. With the rapid growth of devices and operating systems, developers of  OTT content apps are facing some real issues:

  • Complexity associated with supporting multiple hardware and OS configurations extends development and testing time, adds cumbersome updates, and additional certification and support costs
  • Reach of apps is often limited to customers with the latest devices, ignoring the vast installed base of Set-Top and SmartTV devices
  • Forced trade-offs between app portability, user experience and performance need to be carefully managed
  • Tension between developers and their third-party distribution partners, creates consumer brand confusion and puts content ownership at risk

In addition to delivering high-quality content to their consumers, developers need to express their brand and ensure the consistency and performance of their app across every device. As a result, we have created AppCloud; a virtualized android platform that runs apps in the cloud instead of the consumer device, freeing developers from the memory and CPU constraints of the device and allowing developers to focus on delivering the highest quality of content and user experience for their consumers.

Download our brochure, and you will discover everything AppCloud can offer you and your business including:

  • How AppCloud reduces the complexities of app development and maintenance and helps developers scale faster
  • A direct comparison of using major OTT apps through AppCloud vs a leading CPE solution
  • How developers can maintain control over the  customers’ experience and avoid third-parties dictating the first customer touchpoint

And much more...



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