As a leader in virtualization, ActiveVideo’s vision is to enable operators around the world deliver any experience, through any network and to any device.

Founded in 1988 as ICTV, ActiveVideo has a long history of pioneering innovations in interactive streaming and virtualization of end-user experiences. The company has been awarded over 40 worldwide patents with several more pending, related to technologies that enable cloud based streaming and virtualization. The ActiveVideo entity was formed in 2005 through a combination of ICTV and Switched Media. ActiveVideo is headquartered in San Jose, California, and has an engineering center in Amsterdam.

ActiveVideo’s industry leading virtualization provides compelling competitive advantages such as fast time-to-market, proven scale, performance and low TCO. Operators across the globe are using ActiveVideo’s cloud based virtualization platform to grow, monetize and enhance customer satisfaction by delivering modern experiences to millions of devices connected through their network.


  • 2016CloudTV powers deployment of OTT content as a channel on Pay-TV
  • 2015Arris and Charter acquire ActiveVideo as a joint venture for $138M
  • 2014Liberty Global (UPC Hungary) uses CloudTV to deploy YouTube and other apps through its pay TV STBs
  • 2013Liberty Global (Ziggo Netherlands) launches VOD Storefront using CloudTV
  • 2012ActiveVideo announces availability of CloudTV for any  HTML5 application
  • 2010Cablevision provides interactive TV Mosaic for Olympics coverage with CloudTV
  • 2009ActiveVideo acquires Avinity Systems
  • 2005ICTV and Switched Media combine to form ActiveVideo
  • 1988Founded as ICTV