ActiveVideo® CloudTV StreamCast uses virtualization to integrate online or over-the-top (OTT) content with linear and on-demand offerings. By virtualizing set-top box functions, and bridging media format and content security in the cloud, it eliminates device specific dependencies around online content.  Using StreamCast, operators can preserve the value of their pay TV bundle, without replacing STBs already in subscribers’ homes:

  • Provide seamless navigation, discovery and intuitive viewing experience across pay TV and online content 
  • Convert vast array of online content formats to pay TV supported formats
  • Translate DRM used by online content to pay TV approved CA/DRM system in the cloud

StreamCast is designed for multi-source, multi-format and multi-DRM content delivery, regardless of the limitations for the STB in the operator’s footprint.  Using StreamCast, the content from any online source can be ingested in the cloud, passed through the Media Bridge and DRM Bridge to handle necessary conversions, and delivered to the STB. StreamCast also supports overlay of partial graphic elements  on full screen UI in the cloud, useful for display of progress bars, trick-play buttons etc.

  • Media Bridge: Real-time hardware assisted video transcoding using off-the shelf components
  • Video pass-through mode for pay TV supported formats is also supported for better scale/performance
  • DRM Bridge: Secure premium online content by terminating the DRM in the cloud, and re-encrypting to the STB supported CA/DRM system
  • Server-side overlays: Partial graphic elements on transparent full-screen UI in the cloud

StreamCast removes the confusing and complicated experience associated with switching TV inputs, remote devices or boxes in order to view OTT content. All the complexity around proliferating devices, browser updates and software versions can handled in the cloud. Using StreamCast, operators can quickly on-board new and popular applications and unlock business models that were hitherto not possible:

Quick On-boarding of New & Popular OTT/Apps
Unlock New Business Models & Revenue Opprtunities
Preserve Pay TV Bundle & Reduce Cord-cutting/Churn

In addition to the CloudTV platform advantages, StreamCast brings specific benefits for the pay TV operator through Media and DRM bridge capabilities, and a seamless user experience across pay TV and OTT applications.

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