ActiveVideo® CloudTV GuideCast uses virtualization to accelerate rich, web-like user interfaces to be written once and delivered to any device. By virtualizing the set-top box (STB) functions and moving them to the cloud, it decouples the UI/UX from device dependencies.  Using GuideCast, operators can design once, and deliver everywhere, without replacing STBs already in subscribers’ homes:

  • Create a single, universal UI/UX and render it in the cloud using HTML5
  • Deliver the UI/UX to any STB, existing or new, as an interactive video or graphics stream
  • Design next generation STBs with cost effective features to take advantage of the cloud

GuideCast delivers a consistent user experience from the cloud, that is no longer hobbled by the limited capabilities of existing STBs. GuideCast can be used to roll out advanced UIs with features such as below:

  • Full or partial screen navigation experiences with live video previews and overlays across Linear TV, VOD catalogs and online video content
  • Multiple, video-rich UI options, including calendar views, video mosaics and improved versions of traditional guides, as well as the ability to switch between guide views at the push of a button
  • Web-based cloud DVR experiences to the television with full UI functionality and trick play modes

GuideCast also ensures the ability of next-generation STBs that are deployed to support continued UX innovation in the future. The complexityof proliferating devices, browser updates and software versions canall be handled in the cloud, based on the operator’s business, technical and financial plans. Using GuideCast, operators can rapidly roll out new UIs, literally even overnight, and drive business successes based on customer satisfaction:

Reduce churn among existing subscribers
Increase ARPU on enhanced packages
Grow revenue from new services

Overall, GuideCast delivers increased Return on Invested Capital (ROIC). The CloudTV platform advantages carry over to GuideCast deployments,and can result in up to 6X scalability and total cost of ownership (TCO) advantages over device replacement (ACG Research). It enables cost-effective deployment of advanced UXs, as well as shift in device CapeX to more innovative enhancements such as next-generation codecs andhigh quality formats.

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