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CloudTV Video

What is CloudTV?

CloudTV was designed to enable operators to deliver a consistent, customized and refreshed TV experience to their installed based of QAM and IPTV set tops. Bringing graphical EPG, Video on Demand, OTT or basic HTML apps to set-tops with no browser or limited graphical capabilities.

It enables operators to write their UI’s once and deliver across the range of set-tops deployed in their network. ActiveVideo’s approach provides a secure, efficient and cost effective delivery solution with capabilities integrated into the Operators existing video headends.

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How does CloudTV work?

CloudTV works by virtualizing the user interface within an operator’s headend data center. This enables a common user interface across multiple generations of set top devices currently deployed in their network.

This approach provides consistency, improves customer satisfaction and allows operators to rapidly introduce new service functionality for all subscribers.



What is the benefit of CloudTV?

CloudTV virtualizes the navigation of the user interface by translating the UI to video and streaming to the set-top. The ActiveVideo Nano client on the set-top monitors input from the remote control, sending each keypress to the virtualized platform, which in turn re-renders the UI and streams back to the set-top. When a TV program or VOD content is selected, the set-top can re-tune to the relevant broadcast stream or alternatively, CloudTV converts web-based video formats to pay-TV MPEG.


  • For operators deploying HTML, browser-based user interfaces and wanting to add third party, HTML-based applications, CloudTV enables this on non-browser based set-tops
  • By virtualizing the HTML interface in the operator’s data center, subscribers with older generation set-tops can receive the same services, irrespective of set-top (either older or newer-generation)
  • CloudTV maintains the security and integrity of both broadcast and online video streams, using CA schema supported locally in the set-top
  • For online video streams, CloudTV converts DRM video segments into a CA secured MPEG2 Transport Stream for QAM

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AppCloud Connect

A new level of functionality is enabled when CloudTV is leveraged in conjunction with the ActiveVideo AppCloud Connect. AppCloud Connect enables support for key TV apps in the Android ecosystem and a virtualized storefront provided by ActiveVideo’s AppCloud platform to work on all devices supported with CloudTV.

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