Introducing ActiveVideo AppCloud: leveraging the power of virtualization to rapidly bring Android app experiences to life

San Jose, CA – September 11, 2019 - At IBC 2019, ActiveVideo will introduce the new ActiveVideo AppCloud, a virtualized app platform that brings the most popular video entertainment to any television utilizing the world’s favorite Android applications.

The huge popularity of app-based video content means that operators today are facing massive customer demand for OTT viewing experiences to supplement their current video and TV offerings. The ActiveVideo AppCloud integrates OTT into the television experience by running Android applications in the cloud, enabling service providers to serve entertainment from Android APKs to any connected TV or set-top device, regardless of its capabilities.

Today, ActiveVideo is delivering virtualized content to over 18m set-top devices. The new ActiveVideo AppCloud combines the power, independence, and diversity of the Android ecosystem with ActiveVideo’s industry leading virtualization technology and experience.

“There are thousands of Android-based TV apps available today and with ActiveVideo AppCloud we bring an immediate breadth of TV apps to the operator,” said Jeff Miller, ActiveVideo CEO. “Service providers can stay ahead of the competition with powerful viewing experiences, maintain direct relationships with their subscribers, expand the services they offer, and drive new digital advertising approaches with the ActiveVideo AppCloud framework.”

The ActiveVideo AppCloud virtualized environment removes the need for apps to be ported directly onto the device, mitigating storage and processor limitations for current, legacy, and future platforms. Content providers can develop and publish their Android apps without being restricted by the capabilities of the client, allowing them freedom to build powerful user experiences while avoiding the need for multiple versions of their app, or designing for the lowest common capabilities of the device ecosystem they will target. Operators can deliver a consistent app experience across their deployed set-top footprint, future-proofed for delivery to the next generation of GPU-enabled devices.

Native Android apps run in the cloud on a virtualized Android operating system on scalable, highly available cloud servers with virtually unlimited resources. Utilizing ultra-low bandwidth GPU streaming, ActiveVideo AppCloud renders video and enhanced user interfaces without perceptible latency, maintaining DRM end-to-end and preserving the app providers existing CDN video path.

Service providers can choose what apps to make available to subscribers, and how the OTT content is integrated in their UI. App and operating system updates occur in the cloud instead of on device, facilitating and accelerating updates, rollouts, and rollbacks as necessary.

“The ActiveVideo AppCloud reduces the operating, deployment and start-up costs of implementing an app store and removes the need for mandated device updates. We provide a brandable, customizable user experience and app store, which deliver high-demand TV content, with universal search and recommendations. An added benefit for service providers is their retained control over all subscriber data to drive greater insights and new potential revenue and service opportunities,” added Miller.

The ActiveVideo AppCloud will be initially offered via a subscription model and is expected to be commercially available in mid-2020. 


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