Ronald Brockmann, CTO of ActiveVideo joins Chris Linden, COO, in this edition of the Business of OTT. They discuss the challenges faced by content providers and operators delivering OTT apps to their customers, and how ActiveVideo stands out in its approach to helping overcome these challenges.

Ronald explains that, with the vast number of platforms already available, the TV industry has become unusually fragmented, making it increasingly harder to deliver apps to the big screen in a consistent way, with a really good user experience.

But how does ActiveVideo stand out? Ronald outlines that, by truly leveraging the cloud for front-end user experience, content providers can enjoy a multitude of benefits.

  • Firstly, they can reach a broader audience much faster
  • Secondly, it can enable a superior user experience to augment what the devices can handle
  • And finally, leveraging the cloud makes update cycles significantly easier as they can always serve the latest version of the app.

Watch the complete episode here:

Topics: AppCloud, OTT, Opinion, Business of OTT