Martin Gibson joins Chris Linden in episode 8 of The Business of OTT, to discuss what it takes to integrate or define an OTT application. Martin shares his experience of app development from the perspective of the integrator and the definer of the application.

When it comes to the technical aspects of delivering apps to devices, Martin explains that, though the strategy of integrating a streaming app is considered uniform and the fundamental technology is generally understood, the APIs are always different. This is just one of the challenges. Another is the physical constraints of the device itself.

What is the impact of having to integrate 10-15 apps on a device in order to become mainstream within the industry? What happens when an operator wants to grow their app store further to 30-40 apps? 

And what role does search and discovery play in the promotion of content? Martin also explains the customer journey to discover and access new content without needing to download the app, while simultaneously promoting the app itself.

Watch the complete discussion here: