In an announcement ahead of SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2022, we outlined our collaboration with CommScope to deploy AppCloud in CommScope’s innovative RDK streaming solutions from its new HomeVista™ portfolio, making it easier for operators to aggregate linear and application-based TV content into a seamless next-generation experience for customers.

Now part of CommScope’s RDK-based HomeVista streamer solutions, AppCloud provides operators with a new way to deliver the latest, most up-to-date OTT content and applications. As opposed to traditional native app ports that can be resource intensive, time-consuming and difficult to maintain, AppCloud runs standard Android OTT apps in the cloud and leverages state-of-the-art virtualization. This modern approach allows app providers to deliver app-based entertainment quickly and cost-effectively to operators at scale and makes it simple for service providers to deliver and maintain an evergreen OTT consumer experience.

With HomeVista solutions, service providers can deliver video services that offer streaming services and live TV with an individualized user experience, introduce streamer services to the market faster, and reduce development costs by avoiding fully customized solutions.

“We share a vision with CommScope Home Networks that service providers require a streaming solution that provides the content-rich entertainment experience that their consumers demand,” said Jeff Miller, CEO, ActiveVideo. “By combining our AppCloud platform with CommScope's streaming solutions, including HomeVista, we are making it quick and easy for service providers to tap the vast Android app ecosystem to deliver and maintain an evergreen OTT consumer experience for TV and video with the latest app capabilities.”

Commenting on CommScope’s announcement, Joe Chow, President, Home Networks, CommScope said: “Our service provider customers are looking to us to offer next-generation solutions that combine top tier OTT applications with their streamed TV services to take their subscribers’ viewing experience to the next level.” He added, “our HomeVista portfolio enables our service provider customers to bring streaming video services to market faster than ever before.”

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