In the latest episode of the Business of OTT, Chris Linden is in conversation with Jeff Miller discussing what has been a very interesting year.  Jeff talks about the impact COVID has had on the ActiveVideo team - from the positive perspective of being a software organization that was able to quickly pivot to 100% home working with little impact to development cycles, while also noting the importance of keeping the team moving forward as positively as possible.

As the world went into lockdown, Jeff reflects on the increase in usage of ActiveVideo’s platform around the globe as people consumed more OTT services, and TV in general. In fact, COVID accelerated OTT plans for many operators.

2020 also saw some major new OTT service launches - Disney+, HBOMax, Peacock - which has heightened interest in ActiveVideo AppCloud as operators begin to realise the challenge they may face porting all these new apps to their set-tops. Jeff also discusses the rise of AVOD, as subscription fatigue sets in.

And finally, Jeff shares what’s been keeping him entertained during the lockdown year - hint, it’s actually not OTT content!! 

Check out the complete interview below


Topics: OTT, Opinion