How does AppCloud help OTT Providers?

AppCloud is a cloud-based app platform that supports a content partner’s existing Android Package (APK), and was designed to overcome four critical issues facing OTT Providers:

  1. Reduce the number of platforms OTT Providers needs to support: AppCloud helps you overcome the need to develop and maintain your app on multiple OS and middleware, meaning your development resources can focus on one OS - Android, dramatically reducing overall budget
  2. Overcome the hurdles of porting and certification to different devices: As AppCloud leverages your existing APK, there is no need to undertake the time consuming and costly process of porting, certification and updates to multiple clients
  3. Free your app from limitations of hardware: As AppCloud runs your app in the cloud, the performance of your app is no longer limited by the capabilities and capacity of the set-top, meaning you can deliver best-in-class performance, delivering the experience you designed, every time
  4. Extend reach: Operator boxes have been previously unreachable and broadly unavailable for OTT apps until AppCloud. What's more, your you can make your APK available on devices that do not have native support for AOSP

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How does AppCloud work? 

AppCloud runs Android APKs in the Cloud, and delivers the user experience via a thin AppCloud Client, which is ported onto the set-top. This significantly reduces development effort, cost and time-to-market. All DRM, data and content flows are untouched and intact, between the device and CDN, so it’s completely secure.

And, as app onboarding takes days rather than months, OTT Providers can deliver the most recent version of their app to a broad range of devices with minimal additional effort.

AppCloud for OTT Providers and Developers _ how it works

  1. Your app lives in the public cloud
    AppCloud runs your app within a virtualised AOSP environment in the public cloud.
  2. Your app is NOT on the device
    Your cloud-based app controls a lightweight AppCloud client, which executes all commands. Your app will work with any GPU-enables IP device (non AOSP too!)
  3. Completely secure
    DRM video content is delivered end-to-end, direct to device, playback control is managed from your app on AppCloud.

What are the benefits of AppCloud?

For OTT Providers, ActiveVideo AppCloud eliminates the need to develop custom OTT apps for devices running unique operating systems, or those that are underpowered, in effect extending delivery of their UX and content to the widest-possible range of STB and consumer devices designed for the lean-back viewing experience. It simplifies the certification, testing and app management required to support a diverse marketplace of devices, and provides the best possible experience for consumers.

  • Content flows do not change
  • No local app porting
  • Device no longer limits the app experience
  • DRM is unchanged end-to-end
  • Deliver your app to either Android or non-Andriod devices
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How do I get my app on AppCloud?

The AppCloud app-onboarding process is designed to streamline and accelerate your time-to-market and ensure that consumers are experiencing the latest version of your apps as soon as possible as they are released.



OTT apps may be frequently updated by OTT providers or developers on a regular basis. ActiveVideo AppCloud is designed to accommodate these updates promptly so the consumers receive the latest app experience shortly after update. The update process is an accelerated version of the onboarding process, less the preliminary evaluation phase.

Why work with ActiveVideo?

ActiveVideo works with cable operators and set-top manufacturers globally… Just drop your already-built, highly performant APK once into AppCloud and deliver your solution EVERYWHERE, immediately. No local-port, no pain, no delay.

Distribute your app faster, with less effort!


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