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App-driven TV content is here to stay

Consumers spend over three-quarters of their time watching streaming TV on their big screen TVs according to the Conviva Q1 2022 State of Streaming Industry Report - Global streaming grew 10% in the last quarter.

The TV experience has become app driven with more and more of the leading content publishers migrating their content, which presents both a challenge and opportunity for Pay-TV service providers, SmartTV providers and OTT content publishers alike.

Ultimately OTT content apps are now part of the viewing experience and therefore service and connected TV providers need and app-store. The question is how best to provide it, given current TVOS offerings, their installed base of devices, Smart TVs and future plans.

How can AppCloud help you?

AppCloud For Publishers

AppCloud from ActiveVideo gives OTT Content Providers an entirely new way to deliver their apps to TVs. AppCloud is a virtualized app platform that lives in the public cloud, managed by ActiveVideo, and supports any partner’s already developed and deployed Android Package (APK).

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AppCloud For Operators

AppCloud from ActiveVideo is a virtualized video app platform that delivers content from the world's favorite OTT apps to almost any TV.

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AppCloud for Smart TV

AppCloud enables Smart TV vendors to deliver the most recent version of any designed-for-TV, OTT app to multiple generations of their Smart TVs, regardless of hardware capabilities or the TV’s operating system.

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How does AppCloud work?

AppCloud enables Operators, ConnectedTV providers to install any OTT app once and deliver to existing connected devices in their ecosystem, regardless of the device operating system, model year or capabilities. As long as it supports OpenGL and has available memory. This fundamentally breaks the cycle of software advances, app functionality being limited by connected devices hardware capabilities.


AppCloud Product Page [high-level schematic] W
  1. AppCloud lives in the public cloud, running publisher's native app within a virtualized AOSP environment.
  2. The app and player in the cloud control a local AppCloud client on the connected TV device.
  3. All resulting consumer experiences are the same in both app and provider's UX on any device.
  4. All DRM and OTT video content is streamed to the connected device when a video session is requested

AppCloud is hosted in the public cloud and managed and operated by ActiveVideo. OTT apps run in a virtualized AOSP environment in their native form (APK). The connected TV devices can support any environment e.g. Android, RDK, Linux, and SmartCast, providers can integrate existing User Experience implementations. AppCloud works over any IP network Wi-Fi, or even 5G and with apps running virtually in the cloud, pressure comes off the device CPU, GPU and memory, reducing costs and extending the device life as applications become ever more resource-intensive.

OTT content retains existing end to end DRM and video path flows from the CDN, enabling the solution to match current, expected delivery compliance - and leveraging ActiveVideo’s GPU-OTT video streaming technology allows all of this to happen at ultra-low bandwidth with no latency.

Want to enable apps on TV? Here are the options.

AppCloud Benefits

AppCloud as a cloud service simplifies the effort of bringing OTT apps to connected TV devices at scale.  Whether deploying new apps or updating and maintaining an app library over time, a cloud native app approach is the next horizon in cloud virtualization.

Integrate just one local app to support all others, with AppCloud enabled TVs!

AppCloud supports:

  • All makes and models 
  • Any Connected TV device
  • All years
  • And the app will look and feel the same in all cases
AppCloud virtualization platform

Best user experience: Supports full-blown Android implementations. Feature compromises will no longer be required

Time to Market: Apps can be launched faster

Simpler updates: App updates can be deployed once, quickly and easily. AppCloud client typically annually

Extend lifecycle: Smart TVs are supported for longer at a lower cost

Benefits of native app virtualization

Apps run faster on AppCloud

Tests using some of the most popular OTT apps supported by AppCloud today on a range of connected TV devices using an APK or HTML5 version of the same app.

Time to first frame was 20% faster overall than any of the other approaches. In launching the app, getting to the first frame once content is selected it was seconds quicker than the alternatives. The only time it was bested was when looking for more detailed information on a video and then its was 10ths of a second slower than the best.

With ActiveVideo AppCloud the performance is common across all levels of hardware that your app and AppCloud support.


AppCloud vs leading apps on competitive devices-1


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Discover how AppCloud can help you to deliver an entirely new and streamlined OTT content experience that works on any GPU-enabled IP device, running any OS!