Ziggo goes Set-top free with Cloud UI to win Innovation Award

Ronald Brockmann — CTO


Great partnerships are like great friendships:  Some give and take, a willingness to work together to achieve mutual goals, and shared joy when success is achieved.  So when Ziggo received the Cable Europe Innovation Award at Cable Congress 2014, we were honored—as partners and friends—to be part of their team.

As Cloud UIs have gained market momentum over the past year, Ziggo has been among the most visionary pay-tv operators in the world in pushing past the limitations of device dependencies.  Using our CloudTV™ software platform, they created the world’s first interactive HTML5-based service to STBs that lack modern browsers. The Cable Europe Innovation Award was for the latest step in that evolution –delivery of those same on-demand and TV Gemist catchup services to CI Plus 1.3 modules that eliminate the need for a STB.

Here’s what Ziggo has understood from the start:  Once the UI is built once, it can be streamed to any STB or connected device.  An identical user experience is delivered to STBs and CI Plus modules, eliminating the cost and time-to-market of developing new UIs for each device.

While the Cable Europe award honored technical accomplishment, the technology has clearly benefited Ziggo in the areas of Market Impact, Business Impact and Service Velocity. Here’s how:

  • In less than a year, the number of STB and CI Plus devices activated for the new service has grown from 60,000 to more than 310,000, and the service now accounts for more than 50 percent of Ziggo VOD activity.


  • Since the launch of the cloud-based service, Ziggo has seen a significant increase in VOD sales and an increase in ARPU.


  • Because the service uses standard web technologies, Ziggo can deliver updates and new experiences within weeks across a customer footprint that includes more than 260 different TV and STB models.

Ziggo has done surveys that show high levels of customer satisfaction with the cloud-based service, but let me share my own experience:  A rich, intuitive interface.  Rapid response times.  And with CI Plus modules, simple, cable-free installation and single remote control ease of use.

The power of the cloud is limitless for pay-TV operators.  It can improve navigation, drive monetization and even deliver online video from the Web to any STB.  We look forward to working with Ziggo in the future as they continue to use the cloud to create services that are revolutionizing television.