CloudTV Product Overview


Today, a service provider's innovation cycle is directly tied to their CPE (consumer premise equipment) rollout strategy. However, the 10 year CPE upgrade cycles are outpaced in the internet age where web companies are creating and delivering TV services faster than ever before. Even the most advanced and expensive CPE devices that are being deployed by service providers are not able to keep up with advancements in application frameworks and modern navigation paradigms. Further, fragmentation across the device ecosystem within the service provider footprint is causing service roll-out delays affecting time-to-market and competitive differentiation.


The mission for service providers is to control, iterate and modify their pay-tv experiences similar to web companies along with flexible business models that would complement the dynamic nature of the pay-tv business.

CloudTV GuideCast delivers a full range of navigation applications—including linear guides, Cloud DVR, on-demand UIs and other web applications across the broad range of set-top-boxes and connected devices.

CloudTV StreamCast delivers online web content libraries integrated into a pay-tv service. It solves the technical issues—content format, digital rights management and the inability of most existing STBs to support HTML5 applications—thus opening up a rich service opportunity.

These products take advantage of a cloud-based architecture to virtualize CPE functions and provide the different combinations of resources required to deliver the most advanced graphics, video-rich TV guides and online video content.