Leading Lights shine on CloudTV StreamCast as Product of the Year

Lakshmana Pamarthy — Director of Product Management, StreamCast

While we loved the wit and antics that Steve Saunders and Ray LeMaistre brought to the Light Reading Leading Lights last night — “The Second City” is second-best when those two are in Chicago — what really made our smiles stretch from San Jose to Amsterdam was when ActiveVideo’s CloudTV™ StreamCast was announced as a Product of the Year winner.

Like kids in an ice cream shop, we’ve been enjoying every scoop of CloudTV StreamCast’s success this year: A Cable Europe Innovation Award for UPC Hungary’s YouTube and apps service on existing STBs. Impressive growth in viewer engagement coupled with a sustained subscriber adoption. And last night’s recognition of CloudTV StreamCast as the most important product in our business in the past year.

The grand poobahs of Light Reading are silent on the reasoning behind Leading Lights selections, but our sources tell us they were impressed with how CloudTV StreamCast addresses a pressing need for our pay-TV customers and online video partners: the ability to bring online video as a channel to EVERY pay-TV customer, not just small subsets who have bought and installed new, PC-like set-top boxes.

The value for the industry is in how CloudTV StreamCast’s virtualization of STB functionality engenders collaborative approaches, not conflicts, between online video and pay-TV. Our customer engagement and engineering innovation have spawned a solution that brings vast catalogs of online content to pay-TV, and the impact of pay-TV footprints and Quality of Experience to online content providers.

Over the past year, CloudTV StreamCast has been at the forefront of a growing wave of new services. Every day, UPC Hungary’s YouTube story gets better and better — more than 2 million minutes per day streamed and average subscriber engagement approaching one hour per session. HBO Europe is marching forward with plans to launch HBO GO as a pay-TV channel. And there are clear indications elsewhere that the trend is continuing to grow.

Ultimately, we see mass adoption of CloudTV StreamCast resulting in a reinvention of the longstanding channel paradigm that will have broadcast, linear, on-demand and online content standing shoulder to shoulder in the pay-TV entertainment lineup. Think of a compelling user experience that would combine traditional TV programming with dedicated channels for hulu, for Netflix, for YouTube — maybe even for YouTube Sports or YouTube Pets — with subscribers able to shift seamlessly across linear and online content selections.

For now, we’d like to offer thanks to our customers for driving the vision of online video as a pay-TV channel, to our engineering team for bringing that vision to reality and, of course, to the Light Reading team for shining a Leading Light on how CloudTV StreamCast will transform content relationships and the television viewing experience.