Jeff Miller

President & CEO

Jeff has charted ActiveVideo’s trajectory as a pivotal innovator that is driving the future of multi-platform television. His long-term vision, strategic thinking and anticipation of marketplace needs have shaped the CloudTV platform to uniquely address the technology and business issues of device fragmentation for service providers and content aggregators.  During his career his combination of entrepreneurial, management and engineering skills has enabled him to build talented teams that power technological change and create value in the software, hardware and networking sectors.

Jeff joined ActiveVideo in 2000 as vice president of engineering and was responsible for an architectural transformation that achieved orders-of-magnitude increases in scalability, functionality and cost-effectiveness.  As president and CEO since 2005, he has re-vectored CloudTV into a platform that blends television and web technologies to enable UIs from the cloud while guiding ActiveVideo through multiple large-scale deployments that have earned it a reputation as a reliable supplier. His strategic acquisition of Avinity Systems, B.V. significantly strengthened ActiveVideo’s technological portfolio, expanded its market footprint and laid the foundation for the company’s adoption of HTML5. Prior to ActiveVideo, Jeff co-founded, grew and sold RISQ Modular Systems, an embedded computer manufacturer.  Jeff holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara and an MS in Systems Management from the University of Southern California.