How pay-TV took the lead in CPE virtualization

Murali Nemani - CMO, Product Management & Marketing

While we’re dead certain that CloudTV’s virtualization of STB functionality is transformative for pay-TV, what’s more credible is the objective analysis of industry thought leaders. When Light Reading founder Steve Saunders stopped by our offices for a CEO-to-CEO chat with our Jeff Miller, he talked about the “unique space” that CloudTV occupies and the “genuinely disruptive” technology that’s made our story “extraordinary.” In between, Steve and Jeff exchanged views on the future of the set-top box, the impact of online video providers on pay-TV and how CloudTV has given cable the lead in virtualization. Here’s what stood out for me:


On virtualization of STB functionality:

“We believe that set-top boxes need to have the capability of decoding the video and putting it up on the television but our virtualization strategy is really about taking things that change often and moving them into the cloud and leave the things that don’t change very often in the home and leave them secure and then optimize the network for that.”


On CloudTV’s role in IP environments:

“The technology is completely IP-based, and it always has been. Our initial focus was on cable primarily because they had the user base. But the fact is it’s an IP system, it’s meant to serve video over IP… So it’s absolutely relevant to IP networks and whatever comes out in the future as well.”


On what establishes a service provider’s presence in the home:

“To me the user experience is the presence, right? People don’t subscribe to a particular service because of the type of box it runs on. People subscribe to the service because of what they see on the screen.”


On ActiveVideo’s acquisition by ARRIS and Charter Communications:

“We’ve spent the last decade trying to prove that CPE virtualization has a place in cable, scales, is cost-effective and is a benefit to consumers. I think we’ve done that. Now I think with our new backing from our new ownership I think we have the chance really to deploy this worldwide.”


You can watch the entire video below.