developer.activevideo.comThe CloudTV™ platform frees content developers from the limitations and variations of device-based native development by truly delivering on the promise to deliver to all devices from a single code base. Developing for the CloudTV™ platform couldn’t be easier. There are no proprietary SDKs or authoring environments. The CloudTV™ platform embraces the standards of pure HTML5 development, enabling developers to leverage their existing workflows and tools.


ActiveVideo’s robust Developer Community and related programs are dedicated to assisting the content community to harness the power of the CloudTV™ platform with the goal of driving creation of a vast array of content to the platform. The developer website ( is intended to familiarize potential developer partners with the service and opportunities available with CloudTV™. The developer website includes introductory materials, guidelines, tutorials, and a library of knowledgebase materials for those developers already familiar with the CloudTV™ platform.


Join the premiere content providers, agencies and developers who are already aware of just how easy it is to create advanced UI experiences for devices of all types, delivered by CloudTV™ from a single code-base.