Content Discovery for TV of Tomorrow

What must the operator do to in the face of a changing content ecosystem? Lakshmana Pamarthy talks about the challenges and approaches in adapting content discovery to meet TV of Tomorrow’s challenges.

Content is still king, and content discovery is the key to the kingdom. How can the operator adapt discovery, when the ways of content aggregation, distribution and consumption are all embracing new paradigms? For example, OTT content is reaching consumers directly as well as through pay TV networks. Quick and consistent experience with content still matters to the consumer, and losing eyeballs is not in the operator’s interest. With a fragmented device and apps ecosystem, operators are trying cloud-centric and device-centric approaches, using standard (HTML5) based or native platforms as appropriate, to bring the quick and branded experiences to their subscribers. In short, there are three operator “must-haves” for content discovery - intuitiveinclusive (reach all subscribers) and integrated (linear TV, on-demand or OTT) to keep consumers satisfied now and for the future.

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