CloudTV™ Lands on Roku with Net2TV: Why This Matters for Service Providers

Murali Nemani — SVP & CMO

The news today that Net2TV, the innovative smart TV media company, is bringing its Portico TV service to Roku boxes is like a classic film or a great painting:  The more you look at it, the better it gets.

While the headline news is that Roku users will have access to a wealth of new content and the superb, cloud-based Portico user interface, the other big story is this:

ActiveVideo’s CloudTV™—the enabling platform for Portico—is breaking into an entirely new market with deployment to scale on a mass-market CE device that’s been on the leading edge of the OTT phenomenon.

Let’s agree right now that this is a major milestone for ActiveVideo. Another giant leap beyond our service provider roots and into the CE space.  Validation of our technology by a major consumer brand.  Deployment to five million Roku boxes—and counting.  Yes, we’re smiling in Silicon Valley.

But enough about us.  Here’s why this matters to Service Providers:

  • Time-to-Market Advantages Writing device-specific UIs costs time and money.  Rather than write a dedicated app for each device, Net2TV built their HTML5 UI once in the cloud on CloudTV and used our common client to launch the service on Philips NetTVs.  They’ve now brought the same UI and CloudTV client to Roku devices.
  • Roku – Ready for SPs With the integration of the CloudTV client on Roku platform, SPs are able to port their TV Everywhere applications almost immediately, and with minimal effort. Using CloudTV’s “write once, deploy everywhere” development environment, any Roku partner can deliver cloud-based UIs to Roku devices, driving service innovation and consumer choice.
  • Consistent, Compelling UIs – On Any Device — ‘TV Everywhere,’ device-based UIs and the expected 10 billion connected devices is a recipe for confusing, fragmented user experiences. Without compromising its outstanding UI, Net2TV is giving consumers what they really want—a rich, consistent experience on any device.

From its launch last year, Net2TV has set itself apart from other content aggregators.    As partners, we’re impressed by how their innovative approaches—presentation of Web content in a TV environment and commitment to a fully cloud-based user experience—are moving them toward the goal of 20 million screens by year end.

So to sum up our take on today’s news: We’re delighted for Net2TV.  We’re ecstatic to have the CloudTV client on 5 million Roku players.  And we’re looking forward to working with Net2TV to expand our mutual footprints in the CE market in the coming months. As I said at the top: The more you look at this story, the better it gets.