CloudTV GuideCast


Liberty Puerto Rico Social Content NavigatorCloudTV GuideCast is built upon the core CloudTV technology platform, and allows operators to control, iterate and deliver pay-tv navigation experiences (EPG/VOD/DVR/Mosaics) to every STB and IP-connected device.


CloudTV GuideCast Product Sheet 


CloudTV GuideCast addresses 3 key challenges:

  • Today, an operator’s UI and services are built to specific devices which has slowed down the pace of innovation in offering new TV experiences
  • Capital intensive STB upgrades are required to deliver a next-generation graphic rich UI/UX
  • Deliver new pay-tv experiences to not only new STBs, but alZiggo TV Gemistso existing millions of STBs—in the US market there are around 200 million legacy STBs alone


  • Time-to-market
  • Service Velocity
  • Consistent Branded Experiences



  • Public and Private Clouds: With pay-TV operators demanding that platforms be run in a cloud infrastructure, complete deployment is enabled across private, public and dedicated cloud computing and network platforms. Automated deployment and configuration of CloudTV GuideCast component instances on a shared compute infrastructure significantly reduce deployment and operation costs.
  • Dual-Path Rendering: In high-capacity pay-TV network infrastructures, Dual-Path Rendering allows delivery of full-resolution videos simultaneously with partial screen EPG user interface elements, such as progress bars, trick play icons, or information bars, to the CloudTV Nano client on any pay-TV set-top box. This enables pay-TV operators to improve network scalability and deliver consistent user interface styles without sacrificing brand identity.
  • Overlay Only Sessions: In high-capacity pay-TV network infrastructures, Overlay Only Sessions enable delivery of partial-screen graphics user interface elements (overlays) to any set-top box without requiring a full-screen CloudTV UI session. This allows display of EPG progress bars, trick-play buttons, information bars or other types of partial-screen graphics elements over any linear or VOD video output on set-top boxes without sacrificing the consistent user experience, the user interface look and feel, or the brand identity of the pay-TV operator.
  • Smart Multiplexing: In cable TV video network infrastructures, Smart Multiplexing dynamically manages and controls the streaming bandwidth cumulatively for all CloudTV sessions. Smart Multiplexing significantly improves network scalability by increasing the number of CloudTV sessions that can be delivered through a single QAM channel.



CloudTV Core Platform Components

The CloudTV Platform encompasses the following core elements:


  • Stitcher: The Stitcher is the heart of the CloudTV platform. It combines an application engine, streaming engine, and a key session manager to control and deliver the entire user experience from the cloud. Stitcher executes and renders HTML5 applications and generates MPEG-2- and H.264-compliant video streams on a per-client basis.


  • CloudTV Nano Clients: CloudTV Nano is a family of clients that enables the delivery of advanced, uniform TV experiences from the CloudTV Stitcher to a wide cross-section of digital STBs and connected devices, and even to the millions of first-generation digital STBs in the field today. These lightweight clients, dubbed CloudTV Nano Lite, CloudTV Nanoware and CloudTV Nano, are downloaded to or pre-installed on any digital STB or consumer device. They primarily send user remote control key presses upstream, overcoming the resource limitations in any STB by shifting most UI processing to the data center.


  • Session Manager: The Session Manager provides all session management and control functions required to initiate, maintain and terminate CloudTV sessions to any CloudTV Client. It is also the integration point into any external control and management systems such as bandwidth, subscriber and systems administration systems.


  • Transcoder: The Transcoder provides the capability to incorporate one or more video elements into HTML5 applications by ingesting and transcoding video in common formats from any source into “stitchable” format for use by the Stitcher.


  • Data Collector: The Data Collector receives and gathers all CloudTV session-related and custom HTML5 usage event metrics. It interfaces with upstream data warehousing and reporting systems that can be used to perform detailed usage analysis for any CloudTV HTML5 application.

CloudTV GuideCast Components

  • VOD Server Plug-ins: VOD Server plug-ins allow pay-TV operators to further simplify and reduce the complexity of the middleware software on the set-top box by moving the VOD playback client into the cloud. The VOD Server Plugins provide VOD session and centralized playback controls to any VOD server within the pay-TV operator’s media data center or cable headend. This improves operational costs and delivers a consistent user experience during VOD playback.
  • QRM: The QAM Resource Manager (QRM) allows CloudTV GuideCast to manage and control streaming bandwidth for all CloudTV sessions within a cable MSO’s network infrastructure. This simplifies and reduces operational costs and deployment times, especially when existing QAM Session Resource Managers (SRM) are non-existent or are closed and proprietary.