Cloud UIs: Box office boffo at J:COM

Lakshmana Pamarthy - Head of Marketing and Business Development

Cloud virtualization is like a classic movie – no matter how many times you watch, it never gets old, and each time you see it, there’s something new to appreciate. The brisk deployment of modern, cloud powered VOD experiences to more than 2 million pay-TV subscribers by Jupiter Communications (J:COM) in Japan is a plot element that validates the ability of operators to realize additional monetization opportunities on top of the existing install base.

The storyline is timeless: User Interfaces do matter and maximizing viewership of thousands of titles requires an intuitive design that significantly reduces the time and effort required to discover content. By making upgraded experiences available on the set-top boxes already in subscribers’ homes, CloudTV consistently has proven that virtualization offers unparalleled deployment agility, customization and scale. From the CALA market to Europe and beyond, successful deployments of cloud-virtualized VOD UIs spans continents and operator families. 

J:COM’s unique cloud virtualization script included:

  • Transformation of older, limited UIs into a modern, easy to navigate interface that offers quicker and intuitive discovery and ease of access to content libraries;
  • Assurance of a flexible, smooth and personalized modern TV experience that is not dependent on the make or model of the existing set-top box; and
  • Deployment at scale across a diverse universe of millions of STBs.

How’s all this playing at the box office? J:COM’s new cloud UI has averaged about 300,000 views a day and a 130% increase in viewing per subscriber.  “Here’s looking at you, kid.”

While it’s always risky to peer into a crystal ball, here’s what we know for certain: virtualization should be a key part of pay-TV operators’ forward strategies. Whether they are leading incumbents or greenfield services providers – and regardless of geography, demography, service offering (Linear, VOD or OTT or type of STBs deployed – they can wow all of their subscribers faster and highly efficiently by accelerating new experiences through the power of cloud.

Learn more by watching this video.  Don’t forget the popcorn.