• "ActiveVideo will allow Charter to much more rapidly deploy its cloud-based graphical user interface to acquired subscribers in a cost-effective manner… In the process, it will neatly sidestep what otherwise would be the large merger integration expense of compatibility testing between user interfaces and pre-existing headend and customer premise equipment. The importance of this development cannot be overstated. It is only a small overstatement to say that this deal may not have been possible, at least at this price, without ActiveVideo's technology."Craig Moffett, Partner and Senior Analyst
  • "Our new user interface, using technology provided by ActiveVideo, allows us to implement this guide on every set-top box. This makes every box and every television that’s connected within the Charter footprint state of the art. "Tom Rutledge, President and CEO
  • "Whatever we have done in the cloud now with this newest browser…is something we could never have done on the set-top box."Arpad Jordan, CTO, Central and Eastern Europe
  • "ActiveVideo is a leader in set-top virtualization with its CloudTV platform that delivers web-based video services to virtually any device."Mari Silbey, Senior Editor, Cable/Video
  • "This technology enhances platform and network scalability, while delivering a balanced architecture on which cloud and client interactions can be optimized."Jim Blackley, EVP, Engineering & IT
  • "We have over 300,000 set-top boxes deployed in our system. ActiveVideo gave us a cloud-based solution which allowed us to be able to deliver our social content navigator to all of these set-top boxes at once."Waldo Hooker, VP, Product and Strategy
  • "Cost savings, service flexibility and speed of deployment for new services are advantages when using the cloud. We think cloud technology has great potential to substitute, to a large extent, the hardware needed in the consumer home."Randolph Nikutta, Leader
  • "ActiveVideo’s CloudTV platform renders the entire video experience in the cloud, helping us with delivery to existing set-top boxes or to future IP connected devices — whatever they are, wherever they are."Assaf Kaminer, CTO
  • "The virtual, cloud-based set-top box decouples the user device from the development process, and thus from the life cycle of applications and services."Deutsche Telekom
  • "CloudTV… enables us to capitalize on HTML5 web standards for rapid content creation, it allows customers to expand the capabilities of existing STBs today; and it lays the foundation for advanced services on any screen in the near future."Toshifumi Shibuya, General Manager
  • "We are now able to achieve the same velocity as Internet based companies and that is because of the fact that we make use of Web-based services in our cloud-based solution."Eric Meijer, Product Manager
  • "Hardware wise, it is less than a Euro per set-top box. You can be very efficient with this."Arpad Jordan, CTO, Central and Eastern Europe


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